In September, 1944 Allied forces had advanced in Europe and Operation Market Garden was underway to liberate Holland. In September 2016 a small town in Pennsylvania stepped back in time and transformed into a German Occupied Dutch Village, and staged one of the largest most amazing authentic historical reenactments ever seen. In the morning German elite forces occupied town, only to be met with strong allied resistance including a C-47 dropping British paratroopers, allied Armor and infantry in a fierce vacillating battle ultimately leading to liberation of the town. And the Middleburg Eccentric was there.

lib_new_oxford-3Next month, go inside this exciting battle reenactment with the Middleburg Eccentric’s photojournalist Chris Weber as he is embedded into the thick action as a participant, outfitted in full authentic gear with a division of the German Elite “Edelweiss” as he films, photographs and witnesses first hand from inside the battle this time travel experience that plays such an important role in honoring and remembering the sacrifices of our nation and its allies in stopping the spread of fascism in the world and liberating Europe.

This event was part of a multi-event historical program in conjunction with the National Park Service, the Eisenhower National Historical Site, the New Oxford Historical Society and more than 40 historical organizations throughout the United States. 

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