Eagle Eyed friend, who in no way played “second fiddle” if you get my meaning, just picked up the instrument a couple years ago and man, oh man, has he created a sweet, heartbreaking kind of tone. He’s also a music icon touring the states.”

“We’ve learned a lot from his example of making meaningful art.”

“The great trombone player is Brian Priebe, a focal point of the excellent Baltimore based band The Bumper Jackson. Brian’s solo in the ragtime track on the record “End of the Line Blues” makes us grin until our faces hurt.”

I asked about their plans for the future. What was the next big project they‘d like to see come to fruition now that they have their first album out.

“We would really love to record a follow-up record at the end of this year or early 2017. There are so many directions we’d like to go. “Bread & Bourbon” was like the chocolate box sampler with a little bit of everything: downhome country, blues, a little ragtime and funk. We could easily get a sweet tooth for one of those and just do the next record staying with one taste. But it’s hard! Music is music. You spend time putting things in a box and it gets stale. So we’ll see,” Amy continued.  “ Jamie is definitely getting a little more funky these days–and not just from working in the yard. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next record had a heavy dose of soulful blues and funk…”

Finally, when I asked about their home town here of Middleburg and they had this to say; “

“We’ll just say that we love our town and our community. Whenever someone bashes Middleburg–and it’s definitely been a trying year with crazy construction tying up business and weird political sniping for the upcoming election–we just say that our town is the best town in the world because it continues to support our work.

A town is just an idea, and an idea changes. Culture is the thing that remains like old carpet under the new. We hope that whatever we do with our music we can continue to give back from the source that we’ve drawn from”

Hearing their music along with the cheers of their fans tonight said pretty much the same thing. The Crooked Angels were giving back.

Giving back to the people who love their music and the town they call home.

The album “Bread and Bourbon” is available for purchase for download at the Crooked Angels Website here for $15.00.


Just click the red link that says $15.00. You can also listen to excerpts from the album while there.

Also you can see the Crooked Angels in person and purchase a CD of Bread and Bourbon at the Red Horse in Middleburg. They  usually play there on the first Saturday of the month with special musical guests sitting in. There’s never a cover charge, and always a great time and you can buy a CD from them when they are there. If you’d like to break a little bread and bourbon with the Crooked Angles in person they will be back at the Red Horse in Middleburg on Saturday August 6th. Just walk.

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