dsc_3010Long-time journalist and author Vicky Moon’s ninth book–and her first novel–has recently been released. “EQUAL Parts” is a fascinating fictional account of real-life events, many of them centered in Middleburg and the Virginia Hunt Country.

Readers will be debating who’s who among the characters. Just in time for election season, this captivating tale of ambition, politics, and passion, is also set in Washington, D.C., Richmond, Charlottesville and the fictional crossroads of Payne’s Corner.

In the intoxicating atmosphere of Washington, D.C., Isabelle Benton Stoker, a stylish interior designer in Georgetown, falls in love with Johnathan Dent. He is a prominent and very married attorney who resides in Middleburg – made famous as as many here know- as the weekend retreat of President John F. Kennedy’s family. Isabelle and Johnathan spend blissful times at out-of-the-way cafés, lunch-hour getaways, and the iconic art museums of the Nation’s Capital. After all, if they happened to be seen in public, who would suspect the hard-working lawyer of taking such a chance?

“I’ve waited many year’s to stick my toe in the world of fiction,” Moon said, “And now, I can’t wait to write the next one. I find inspiration everywhere. Although, I do have several other projects in the works.”

When Johnathan Dent finds himself a candidate for a U.S. Senate seat, he agonizes over the affair that could destroy his political ambitions, and perhaps even his career. Gennifer Flowers, Fannie Fox, and Donna Rice became famous for doing just that. Could Isabelle Stoker do the same? EQUAL Parts explores this classic tale of love and betrayal inspired by all too familiar events. It’s a story that has captivated historians since Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings, Dwight Eisenhower and Kay Summersby, John Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, and Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, to name just a few. Does it always have to end badly?

Vicky Moon has chronicled prominent and powerful personalities in Washington, D.C. for People magazine, The Washington Post, and Town and Country magazine. She is a columnist for the influential Washington Life magazine. Ms. Moon has written eight books, including The Middleburg Mystique: A Peek Inside the Gates of Middleburg, Virginia. That book, first released in 2001, has sold close to 25,000 copies.

EQUAL Parts and Moon’s other books are available at several local shops including Creme de la Creme, The Fun Shop, Second Chapter Books and The Shaggy Ram. They are also on Amazon or at vickymoon.com.

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