Hello Middleburg! I need to know what questions you have about our local Middleburg government – PLEASE let me know what you want me to discuss in future articles, as my well of topics is getting frightfully low.

The elections are almost a fortnight after publication date. Yikes! I do realize that many people are not pleased with the presidential candidate choices – especially at the top of the ballot. However, I still expect you vote on Election Day. Our democracy requires your participation, so do your patriotic duty.

On Tuesday, November 8, I will be voting at the Town Office (10 West Marshall Street). Yes, I will vote for president, but we have other decisions to make as well. I summarized them for you below.

We need to pick our 10th district US House of Representatives member.

If our residence is inside Middleburg Town Limits, we also need to select a new member of Town Council to fill the vacancy that resulted when Mr. Erik Scheps moved outside of Town. This is a special election mandated by the legislature in Richmond. This is Middleburg’s first Special Council election occurring in November. Middleburg’s regular council elections are the first Tuesday in May on even numbered years. Do not overlook this position when you cast your ballot!

We have two proposed amendments to the Virginia constitution: (1) a right-work amendment versus unions and (2) real-property tax exemptions for a surviving spouse of a deceased police, fire fighter or other emergency responder who died in the line of duty.

Finally, we have questions asking authorization for Loudoun County to incur a debt ($76,115,000) for three or more public facilities (Capital improvements), authorize an $18 million debt for road improvements and another to authorize a $233 million debt for new school construction/addition projects (a cost of “growth”).

If you want more details, go to the Virginia Department of Elections site http://elections.virginia.gov/voter-outreach/whats-ballot.html and enter your residential address to see all candidates and issues on your ballot.

Please send questions, suggestions, comments or complaints to the Eccentric for Ask a Council Member. I would love to hear from you!


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