Difficult though it can be at times, the Middleburg Eccentric’s editorial policy has been, since the beginning, to not endorse political candidates.

Once the elections are over we try to do our best to work with all those who serve in public office to do what’s best for our town, its citizens, friends, visitors, business people and supporters.

We also do our best to make sure they do their best by reporting, we hope always fairly, on what they do, and don’t do, and why.

That said, this is one of the most important elections of most of our lifetimes, nationally and locally.

Both candidates for President are disliked by margins that defy comparison.

The election of either will be transformative.

If ever there were a national election in which NOT casting one’s vote was foolish, if not worse, this is it.

If ever there were a national election in which casting one’s vote for a non-electable candidate was both foolish and dangerous, this is it.

Many, too many, sadly, on both ends of the political spectrum see their choices on November 8 as a choice of the “lesser of two evils” and would use that as an excuse to stay home and not vote.

The greater evil is not to make a choice.

The greater good is, once the nation’s choice has been made, to unite to help those who won do things that are good for our country, our state, our county and our town.