“Let’s get physical, physical….” Olivia Newton John seductively sang in the ’80’s while sporting leg warmers and a shiny, spandex leotard.  Perhaps this was the beginning of the female fitness movement or perhaps this was just was when it went viral.  From Jazzercise to step aerobics, spinning to Zumba, Pilates to pole dancing there have been plenty of enticing fitness fads over the years.  In these days of health and wellness being a daily priority, what keeps you moving?

 I went through a huge step aerobics phase in the ‘90’s.  For those like me that are not naturally coordinated, I made at least two wrong turns during any given class and ended up on my arse.  It was a short-lived phase.

 From there I became obsessed with the stair climber.  I bought a little one that fit in my bedroom.  I used to get on that little machine and go for ages only because I had a VHS in front of me playing my favorite movies of the time.  Pretty Woman and Thelma and Louise were the top two and I can quote them verbatim to this day.  I was very, very fit then.  The little stair climber retired to the basement and lived next to the mini-trampoline, Nordic Track ski machine and Thigh Master.

 Then it was time to join a gym, and I have held memberships at quite a few over the years.   I loved the weight machines and treadmills.  Once, while doing a sprint set on the treadmill I did a complete blonde girl trip at high velocity.  As I was falling to quick paced tread, I vainly thought about how I didn’t want road rash on my face so I grabbed the sides, saving my face, but spraining my ankle and slipping a disc.  That was the end of my days on the treadmill.

 Next I went to an intro Yoga class thinking it would be my next greatest workout.  Well, I got kicked out for giggling.  I will maintain to the day I die, that crow should not have been taught in an intro class and I was totally justified for getting the giggles when I fell over in my crow attempts.  It was an INTRO class.

 Particularly in good weather, I like to walk outside for exercise.  That is until I see a butterfly or a horse with their head over the fence, then I totally get distracted and lose my pace.

 Boot camp.  Yeah.  Did it once.  F*%k a burpee.

 Spinning is fantastic with a great playlist, but if it has bass like a nightclub, I’ll pass.  Yes, you can spin to Bon Jovi.

 Pilates has been my workout du jour for several years.  I love working on the apparatus in particular and the spring-loaded fun is so good for the mind, body and soul.  I go to Loudoun Pilates in Leesburg where they have a variety of apparatus classes, my favorite being their new jump board class.  It is a fantastic workout (perfect for legging up for ski season) and it is just an absolute ball.  I promise you will smile and feel the burn.  You are intrigued now, aren’t you? Perhaps you should check it out.

 Find whatever floats your boat and go for it.  It’s ok to have variety and yes, you do get points for trying.  Ready, set, sweat!!

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