I would like to begin by thanking those of you who attended my show “Ashby’s Gap”.  To be honest, as I write this, the show hasn’t even happened yet!  So, it is with hope that I wasn’t standing there alone. HaHa.

Friday, October 7th, my wife Linda and I attended two shows in the town of Middleburg. The weather was perfect with just a taste of autumn in the air. Our first visit was to the newly owned Gallery On Madison at 9 South Madison Street, which was an exhibit featuring the paintings of Marci Nadler and Todd Phillips, with music by Jennifer Scott.  This is a new, big artistic step for Nadler who has been both blossoming as an artist and promoting the local art scene for awhile now.  While I would fairly describe the space as efficient, both the show and the gallery had a nice supportive energy about them.  Fairly large canvases by both artists fill the space nicely and those who visit the gallery, especially under less crowded conditions, will find the art has plenty of space to breath.  It’s a recommended visit and future exhibitions are in the works.

Now just a block and half away at 102 W. Washington Street, Artists in Middleburg Gallery was presenting “The Horse in Art”.  The show’s title was very fitting, representing an abundance of varied equestrian works of art, spanning numerous artists, sizes and mediums, including bronze. This town’s love of the horse was most certainly not waisted on the evening, as here too I found a place bubbling with energy, smiles and good conversation. Certainly another recommended visit worth taking and here too rotating juried exhibits are planned.

As we walked back to our car located on Madison, we couldn’t help making a few observations.  First, was that it was nice to see a little evening energy in the town of Middleburg.  These two galleries lit up the night like artistic beacons of creativity.  As we walked along the sidewalk coming to the crossing at Pendleton Street though, we couldn’t help but notice the intersection felt dimly lit. The new lamps offering a nice glow. But then crossing and walking the block in front of the Safeway, the sidewalk and their parking lot was more or less dark.  We looked up to notice most of their parking lot lamps bulbs were burnt out, with only one half a lamp along the side walk working.  Most of the light on the street was honestly coming from the Byrne Gallery which was well lit, but closed.

I then thought, wow, had the Byrne Gallery, at 7 W Washington Street, the Sporting Gallery at 11 W. Washington Street, and Red Fox Fine Art at 2 E Washington Street, all been open, how special a gallery walk would that have been?  Five galleries in a block and a half, lighting up the town with an evening of art.  There’s always hope.

The Plains too, also made a nice recent artistic effort with Art In The Plains.  Held August 27th, it was great to seeing people out walking about and enjoying the evening, although the sun was still with us then for the early evening hours.  Still, art has away of bringing people intellectually and culturally together.  Something I think we can all use right now.

Live An Artful Life,  Tom

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