This year has been a tough on Middleburg, its family, fans, friends and business community.

Weather took a heavy toll, from which both the Town and some of its landmark businesses are just recovering.

The virtual shut-down of Washington Street for months dealt a major blow to many of our businesses, not to mention inconveniencing nearly everyone, from resident, to visitor, to passer-by.

But there is a LOT to be thankful for this fall.

Downtown traffic flows again.

The new sidewalks and lighting are spectacular.

The Fun Shop, historically the “anchor” of the western end of our retail district is not only fully open again, but better than ever.

Halloween and the Middleburg Film Festival were not only successful, but better than ever.

The weather has been fine.

Visitors are back, and happier than ever.

Let’s hear it for . . . Thanksgiving.

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