Imagine majestic retired thoroughbred race horses grazing on your own land. Horses that you do not ever have to buy. Hosting Foster horses for the TRF will qualify you for annual tax deductions or provide a suitable pursuit to keep your land qualified for ongoing agricultural tax status. The TRF deeply appreciates the individuals helping us Foster TRF horses which then frees up basic resources so that we may continue to SAVE more horses.

Foster farms are an essential component of TRF’s long term success and growth plan. Currently the TRF fully maintains approximately 850 horses and who are largely an aged population.  The care provided to these horses is excellent giving them an average life expectancy of 25 years. The TRF pays all expenses of these horses including boarding, feed and staffing which all have to be covered by fundraising.

The TRF has many sizes of Foster Farms from one horse to 100. A great example of how useful the program is for a small operation would be if you own one horse and rent/buy a farm. Take on a couple Foster horses to keep your horse company instead the buying additional horses. Breeding farms large and small use our Foster horses for babysitters for the weanlings, yearlings, young horses and pregnant mares.

FOSTERING DEFINED: There are enough good advantages to Fostering to make this an attractive proposition for many individuals and groups. Fostering means that the Fostering party will assume physical responsibility for the daily care of one or more TRF horses without the permanent commitment of ownership. All Thoroughbreds in the TRF Foster Care program are pasture-sound and carefully selected for friendly temperament and as easy keepers. The minimum commitment is one year (Full details of this program upon request) and the TRF always remains the grateful owner.

So to sum it up it is all very simple, horses do not draw flies like cattle, are friendly, are beautiful, will provide tax deductions for expenses annually and you do not have to buy them! Please call if you have any interest or questions in the Mid-Atlantic area Lizzy Beer 610-656-2927.   

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