WOW!  Can everyone please take off their political boxing gloves and pause for the upcoming holidays?  In no way do I want to censor anyone’s opinion, but the nastiness on social media, in print and on the news needs to halt.  Now.  I do not think I am alone in my plight.

If you haven’t heard Tim McGraw’s hit “Humble and Kind”, I suggest you take a listen and make at least the title, your new mantra.   On Middleburg Uncensored, members post pictures of kittens and ponies to diffuse heated threads, but in the real world, may I suggest the following to simply try to make the world a better place.

 This year I want to institute Thanksgiving presents to those that touch my life.  What better way to show gratitude than a token just to say “thanks”?  Isn’t that in line with the origin of the occasion?  Imagine the feeling that giving or receiving a Thanksgiving gift would bring. 

 Pay a random compliment.  Recently I dined at Chipotle where I caught myself staring at the cashier.  She must have noticed my stare and felt slightly awkward. But the thing is, I was staring at the most beautiful, artistic eye makeup job I have ever seen and made a point to verbally compliment.   Her eyes glowed and smile grew big enough to let me know that my gesture made her day.   And it made mine, too. 

 Try an extra “please” or “thank you” or strike up a conversation with a stranger while in the line at the grocery store.  Better yet, help someone with his or her grocery bags.  I was in the Target parking lot the other day and it was rainy and windy.  I had a very full cart of home goods like pillows and a mop that made pushing and steering awkward, and of course my cart had a wobbly front wheel.  I had a cup of coffee to ward off the rainy chill.  Upon retuning to my car, the cart took the bit in the wind forcing me to take a few trot steps, I dropped the coffee in my purse, the wind blew my hood off and the cart rammed into my car.  Flustered, wet and smelling of coffee, I started to load my trunk.  The cart started to roll away, a pillow fell onto the soggy, dirty ground and my trunk blew shut.  My phone starting ringing and by this time I needed a shot of vodka to calm my nerves.  Guess how many people walked by and could have just taken 10 seconds to help?  4.  Guess how many did? 0 Guess how many times I have helped someone in similar scenarios since?  Every chance I get.

 And for Middleburgers, the thing that brings the most smiles and genuine waves daily is to yield to pedestrians in the new crosswalks.  You can follow the law and makes someone’s day at the same time.

 It’s the simple things and simple gestures that can bring love and unite.  Please stop the nastiness.  Peace.

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