The Middleburg Film Festival has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2013 and this year recorded record attendance. “I think our Festival has become more efficient and runs more smoothly, and I’m also amazed at how well known the Middleburg Film Festival has become in such a few years,” said Betsy Davis, Mayor of Middleburg. “I’m so very proud of Sheila Johnson, Susan Koch and all of the members and staff who have made this such an amazing event — and how wonderful it is for our town, both for our businesses and for our citizens!”

Mayor Davis watched five films this year, and voted for both Audience Award winners: Lion for Best Narrative and The Eagle Huntress for Best Documentary.

All told, the 2016 Middleburg Film Festival, October 20-23, offered 26 films from 17 countries, including Oscar contenders, critically acclaimed foreign language films and documentaries.

“I really enjoyed all five films (Lion, Lala Land, Jackie, Loving, and The Eagle Huntress) — each had such powerful messages and all except Lala Land were true stories,” said Mayor Davis. “What I liked about The Eagle Huntress was how Aisholpan’s father never doubted her skills, determination and willingness. He didn’t consider her gender, just her “spark” and knowledge. The life and love of the whole family was so beautiful, although poor by our standards, they were so rich in the happiness and life they lived. They had everything they needed with their family and friends. It was really beautiful.”

The four-day Middleburg Film Festival takes place in a spectacular setting about one hour from Washington, D.C. with easy access to airports. The carefully curated schedule of narrative and documentary films are screened in small theatre environments, often followed by a Q & A session with globally renowned actors and filmmakers. Visitors to the Festival also enjoy the beauty and hospitality of Middleburg with its shops, food, wine and other amenities.-

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