A magical time of year in historic Middleburg Virginia. The streets full of people waiting to see the hounds and horses make their grand yearly parade down main street. Always a wonderful day. Happy Holidays!

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  1. Watching from Vero Beach. I’ve always loved the intimacy of my small town parade. Disappointed to see it’s grown to the point that barriers are needed and worst of all the addition of this cheesy and loud MC. Detracting.

  2. Wow, fences, we’ve hit the big time. The stately pace was new, in the old days once they took off they were through town in a blink!!! Great tradition.

  3. Middleburg Christmas parade is the best! Encourage everyone to see it at least once. Gotta love the Middleburg Hunt and their lovely hounds. A wonderful Christmas to All

  4. Loved it!!!! The hounds were so good and I always love the wee ones. Rookie error, recommend flask to zest up the hot cocoa. Stand by for the fabulous Corgi brigade

  5. One of my favorite of 2016….so beautiful!!Each hunter,my lovely Nelly,has provided so much for lucky and gorgeous horse……….many wonderful years…..Nelly,I remember you accept a reward at fox hunting-age 8(16 me)…..So PROUD always of you NELLY…………LOVE❤️

  6. My late husband’s Aunt Charlotte started Foxcroft School where he grew up and she served as Joint-Master from 1932 – 1946 always making riding and foxhunting a staple for her students. Long live the Middleburg Hunt!

  7. They used to visit Elkridge Harford Hunt Club and hunt with us occasionally. It is a sport stateside and not a fox eradication strategy for those who feel it is inhumane. No killing involved.

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