In a late in November memorandum Town Clerk Rhonda North noted that Middleburg needed to fill two vacancies on its Planning Commission and two on its “Go Green” committee.  The former had been posted and advertised since April and the latter for a year or more.  The Town advertises the vacancies in the Loudoun Times Mirror as well as in the Town’s website, regular Friday email “blast,” and on its bulletin board.

One problem in attracting candidates, North noted, may be the application process itself.  “The one thing that has changed,” she noted, “is that ten years ago the Town only asked an applicant to provide a ‘letter of interest.’”  Now they are asked to also provide a resume’ and an explanation of why they want to serve.  “The [Town] staff,” she said, “is wondering whether this has become too much [to ask of] people [applying] for a volunteer [unpaid] position.

In December, Town Council appointed Debbie Cadenzas to fill an unexpired term on the Middleburg Arts Council and requested the Judge of the Loudoun County Circuit Court to appoint Terence Cooke to the Middleburg Board of Zoning Appeals.  Both graciously volunteered to fill slots recently vacated by other active volunteers, in some cases volunteers who have served for years in multiple positions.

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