The past year was, to say the least, “challenging” for Middleburg, its families, friends, and business community . . . with vicious weather and what seemed to be a never-ending construction project snarling traffic and blocking access to our downtown businesses for months.

Christmas and the New Year, however, are already off to a good start.

 Our 2016 “Christmas in Middleburg” celebration was, arguably, one of the best ever.

Construction is OVER.

The streets look GREAT.

Parking is now FREE.

Salamander’s residential property development plan not only promises well-planned growth, but is actually getting under way.

The year 2017 promises to mark, if not a new beginning for Middleburg, the beginning of a new and promising combination of growth with respect for tradition.

Thanks and Kudos to all those who have stood by us during the worst of the past year . . . to those who helped us get through it . . . and those who will help us build an even more beautiful and prosperous future.

Special thanks to the Town’s Professional Staff, its Police Department and Emergency First Responders, its business community, and all those whose support was, is, and will remain Middleburg’s greatest asset.

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