Ken Rietz former Deputy Chairman of the Republican National Committee, internationally respected public relations advisor and political consultant, and one-time  “Red” Columnist for the Middleburg Eccentric has, at last, published his must-read memoir, Winning Campaigns, Losing Sight, Gaining Insight (Herndon, VA:  Mascot Books, 2016).

Readers interested in “winning campaigns,” in politics past or present, from Nixon to Obama, owe themselves this extraordinary opportunity to walk those paths one more time, and see them in a new light, guided by a member of our community who was not only there, but there from the greenest of grass roots to the highest levels of policy and decision-making.

Readers interested in “gaining insight” will treasure Ken’s extraordinary, inspiring, and star-studded personal life story.  His insights are compelling and born of long experience,  into challenges of effective strategic and tactical positioning, in politics and business

As for  “losing sight,” this admittedly liberal-left reviewer would have to characterize the phrase as “deceptive” at best.

Over the course of a long, successful, and (sadly for us liberals) a singularly effective career, the only “sight” Ken Rietz ever really lost, and that slowly, painfully, and over a long period of time, was his physical ability to see.

Otherwise, no one has a better eye for politics, positioning, or public service.

And sadly, few, if any, have the ability to communicate what they’ve seen, known, and learned in a more accessible, powerful and entertaining way.

Rietz has served Presidents and private-sector decision-makers at the highest levels.  He’s raised millions of dollars for causes political and charitable.  Yet still, he’s a good neighbor who loves the land, takes care of lost animals with the same fervor with which he campaigns and wrote for a struggling new local paper simply because he was asked  . . . by someone on the opposite side of the political spectrum.

His friends and neighbors owe it to themselves the pleasure of getting to know him through the pages of this memoir.  You make think you’ve heard ALL the stories.  Believe me, you haven’t.

For any serious historian seeking insight into key events, people, and personalities critical to the transformation of American politics,  policy, and the Republican party, from Goldwater via Nixon and Watergate, through Reagan and the Bushes,  to Trump, Ken’s memoir is a MUST read.

For anyone seeking to run for office and win an election, Winning Campaigns, Losing Sight, Gaining Insight is a textbook.

In all cases it is, and will remain, REQUIRED reading.