If you are a regular reader of my column, you know that I usually give shopping advice in December.   You also know that I love to support local businesses, think music mixes and underwear make great gifts and that my husband and I exchange homemade presents every year.   I love the season, the message and giving thoughtful gifts.

Nolan Scully is a dear friend of my husband’s family who is fighting for his four year old life.  He has Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare soft tissue cancer, and has already successfully undergone one major surgery, one that traditionally carries high a mortality rate. This year, he is spending what should be a joyous time for families far and wide in the hospital awaiting another surgery to remove the spreading cancer.  Nolan is fighter and his will to live an inspiration.

Nolan’s mother, Ruth, keeps his fans updated on her NOLAN STRONG Facebook page with powerful and moving words. With permission, I share one of her posts.

“Like many nights, I’m laying here awake with a million feelings running thru me. Fear & Sadness (my biggest), Anger (wait, that might be my biggest), Love (well that’s my biggest too!) It’s truly that my body doesn’t know how to feel. And it’s exhausting… completely utterly exhausting. However I would walk thru the burning coals of Hell a million times for my son to live.

The devastating news we received Monday I can’t articulate into words how it made me feel. The wind was knocked out of me. Throughout this fight the ONE thing I held onto was that the Cancer hadn’t spread. That was “my one thing” I preciously held onto and it got violently ripped from my grasp. So now my sons chest will be cut open trying to remove this horrible demon again.

I get the question frequently “How do you do it?” Truth is, I don’t know… I just do. I do it for the little hand on my cheek, the little voice that sings to me that I’m “his sunshine “, I do it for the hundred “Mommy I love you bigger than the whole Universe “ sayings I get everyday.

Please do me a favor, this Christmas season be a little more thankful for your children and family. Be a little more patient with them. If your child drops their ice cream cone, don’t immediately scream, be thankful that they are there to drop it… I’d give anything to just walk around a store and do “normal “ things with my ALL of my children and I’ve never been so close to that not ever happening again. I pray to God everyday that my biggest problem would be a dropped ice cream cone or untied shoe.” 

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