It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Beauty abounds in the town of Middleburg as holiday fashions make their debut on Washington Street this season. The resonant tinkles and mulling spice in the brisk air quicken the step while local shoppers popped in and out of stores appareled in classics or smart hunt country styles. Equally represented were those city savvy fashionista sightings. Eclectic shoppers, chummy friends and families mixed and mingled full of sticky cheer.

The season’s stage is set as The Pink Box hosted carolers and the lighting of the Middleburg Christmas Tree. The Salamander Resort and Spa served as a lovely backdrop while hearts were warmed during a holiday concert provided by a Place to Be. Some continued the celebration by creating lasting memories during breakfast with Santa and a Silent Auction at the Middleburg Elementary School. The Craft Fair at the Middleburg Community Center was next on Santa’s must do list. Of course, you took a break from shopping to enjoy the hunt, hay rides and parade. I even spied a few shoppers wine-ing down the day at the progressive tasting. Adults only please!

With so many holiday services, luncheons, parties and balls to attend, the question of what to wear often becomes what don’t I wear? This year’s holiday season is by far the most versatile fashion season. What you want to know is, more is more. Enjoy layering fabrics and every texture your imagination provides. Do you by creating your own unique combinations. Then anchor your look by selecting fashions that represent your lifestyle.

Maybe you need a place to start. Let’s begin with a few statement pieces and continue to build from there. You will need a signature bag, a statement top coat and a classic boot. Then create your look each day using one of the three items as your inspiration. Continue to build on these three pieces and watch in amazement as your wardrobe expands around your unique you. All that is left is to coordinate, coordinate and coordinate. Embellish your central theme with accessories like artistic belts, headbands, hats, chokers, and scarfs. This season, jewelry should be bold so that it doesn’t loose its place among the bolder silhouettes you will be creating.

Now you’re in control! Brighten those winter gray skies with neon colors accentuated by black. Or perhaps you prefer to enhance your hues in jewel tones like ruby and emerald green. Feeling playful, try a majestic plaid to set of that inquisitive you. If glitter and bling is your thing, artful sequins is the obvious choice for the shimmering sparkle everyone can see. Whatever moves you, velvet, pointed toe ankle strap shoes, suede over the knee boots or a pair of tailored zippered booties will take the chill off anywhere. Soothe yourself in faux fur in soft blue, pink or green. Turn on the chic and the practical with usable tech cashmere gloves and an over-sized statement tote. The season’s go-to bag is big, functional and fashionable. Fashion is magic so turn on the innocence in you and dress your tote with a few whimsical handbag charms.

Exquisite styling means finishing the personal touches. Deck your hair with your own personal style. Regal yourself with a signature lip and nail color. Dark blue gives an alluring edge but classic red is my color of choice. It’s happy, bold and downright gorgeous. Now that you are all the rave, are you ready for the holidays?

Wherever your runway takes you during the holidays, keep your fashion spirit with you. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, this is the season to give and receive love. It truly is the greatest and most fashionable gift of all.

Happy Holidays!

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