As 2016 comes to an end, it is nice to take a look back at all that was accomplished. Whether it is goals that were achieved or goals that are still on the horizon.   It is also a time of reflection of all that we are grateful for.  Life hits us hard sometimes and it is hard to be grateful for anything.   At times, it appears that life is just unfair, we lose the job, divorce or a loved one dies.  Hopelessness can set in and we just don’t know where to turn.  There are no explanations of why bad things happen to good people.  This all can lead us into a spiraling trap of negativity.  One drink eases the pain, two or more takes it away.  But, drinking to ease ones pain is not healing.   Healing comes from within us.   Keeping a journal of our thoughts can help us walk through the pain and begin the healing process.  Along with writing down thoughts, add fives things you are grateful for.  It might be you are grateful for your cup of coffee.   Sounds silly, but studies have shown being grateful allows our bodies and minds to heal.

Our body and mind work together, not separately.  Keeping  a journal by your bed is one way to highlight those areas of your life that you are grateful for.  The art of writing what we are grateful for ends the day on a positive message which  will allow our body and mind to relax and over time be at peace.  It takes a while, but consistently feeding our minds and body with positive messages of the things that are right will have a positive effect on our health and well being.

Several years ago, I was at a store during the Christmas season.  The man checking out in front of me seem to be homeless.  When he was finished, I went over to him and offered him some money.  He looked at me and smiled and said, thank you, I am ok right now.  Wow, I was in a hurry and on my way home and this person had no home to go to was smiling and seemed very ok.  I don’t know if he kept a gratitude journal, but somehow I knew he was grateful.

Being grateful is good for our souls.  It picks us up and makes us truly realize what is important in life.   This holiday season give yourself a present of being grateful.  Every night write down five things you are grateful for and continue throughout the year.    Life will still hit us hard, but having this one simple tool, will allow us to overcome whatever life throws our way.

I wish all of you a peaceful holiday season and a Happy New Year!  For more information about health and fitness, please contact Kay Colgan, Middleburg pilates and personal training at 14 S Madison Street, Middleburg, Virginia or call 540-687-6995.

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