Plan ahead before the big game!

The super bowl is this weekend. Please plan ahead if there is alcohol in your celebration:
• Virgin drinks are a great alternative:
• If drinking alcohol is planned…do exactly that…plan it out. Alternate alcohol with nonalcoholic drinks. Stop drinking prior to the 3rd quarter. Don’t drink too much. Don’t drink too fast. Eat along the way. Plan on staying if you are travelling after you drink or designate a driver or alternative ride in advance.
• Throwing a party:
o Collect the key as the guests enter.
o Serve lots of food.
o Monitor or limit the amount of alcohol served.
o Stop serving alcohol prior to the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Announce a last call.
o Don’t allow anyone to drive home drunk or impaired. Download ride aps and have them ready, call a Taxi, or just arrange for some guests to stay.
Have a good time but please consider the danger involved in drinking and driving. DON’T DO IT.

Source: Middleburg Eccentric

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