Happy New Year, readers!  I hope everyone is well on their way to fulfilling their resolutions and making 2017 a fantastic year.  2016, like any other year, brought a lot of life lessons and I thought I’d share some of what I learned.

2016 was the year of social media gone wild.  Provocative keyboard jockeys have scarred the internet with nasty comments that aimed for the jugular.  I would never want to censor opinions, but unless you would make the same, brash comments in person, then you shouldn’t type them online.  Be mindful of what you post, friends, your nastiness or narcissism will hang out in cyberspace for all eternity.  Also, Sociology majors worldwide will be fueled for generations to come with case studies based on your posts and how they are received.  

I learned that there is a big difference in quality between a $5 bottle of wine and a $10 bottle of wine, but not that big of a difference between a $10 bottle and one costing $20.

Yes, I recycle them all no matter what the value.

Giving back is an important part of life.  Giving back with your hands and heart is equally, if not more, rewarding as writing a check.  Help your neighbors when they are in need. There are so many worthy places to give back locally that help strengthen and bond our little community.

Though I am practically tone deaf and anyone who has gone on a road trip with me can attest to that, music, and particularly singing out loud, brings such joy to my life.

Concerts, sing-a-longs or picking up an instrument (if you have that gift) can change your mood in an instant.  Awaken the power of music from within; you won’t regret it.

Coats, jackets, and outerwear are the best accessories and can cleverly and effectively hide the coffee stain or dog hair on the clothes you refuse to abandon.  When you see me at the post office, you’ll never know if I have my pajamas on under my overcoat or not.  

We all lived through battleground Trump vs. Clinton last year.  It was bloody from start to finish and brought out the worst in a lot of folks nationwide.  The decision has been made, and President Trump will serve our nation for the next four years.   Whether he was your choice or not, we all still have the ability to contribute to America’s greatness by our actions and our merit daily.  Be part of the solution, not the problem.

No matter what time of day, you can usually find an episode of Friends on TV somewhere.

Doing something for yourself daily is crucial.  A walk, a pedicure, reading in solitude, a yoga class or special blend of coffee that makes you happy; whatever it is, no matter how small, honor yourself daily.  YOU are worth it.

Wishing you all a beautiful, healthy and smart 2017.

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