Chief of Police A. J. Panebianco reported that recently, “Middleburg appeared to be surrounded by a rash of burglaries” though he took pains to emphasize  “ that these were not robberies.”

They appeared to be occurring in isolated homes,”not located in neighborhoods,” he said.  None, to date, “had occurred within the Town limits.”

Middleburg is working closely with Loudoun County on the matter, he said, noting that Lieutenant Mike Prince was also assisting with “look-ups for items that have been taken to see if they showed up elsewhere.”

The closest burglary to Middleburg, according to Panebianco, was “at the Cobb House, which was approximately two miles away.”

The Middleburg Department has been engaged in preventive vehicle stake outs and additional foot patrols, he said

Panebianco also urged that citizen check out the burglary prevention and response tips on department’s webpage.

While the burglaries to date  appear to have occurred “when no one was home,” Panebianco noted, he also observed that he “did not have information on all of the cases as they have occurred in both Fauquier and Loudoun Counties.”

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