The Middleburg Council is making plans to gather for a visioning session to discuss goals and policies. We are finalizing plans (and will publicize), but we expect to meet in February or March for two sessions, possibly on a Friday evening and a Saturday morning. The following summarizes the 2008 visioning document. I want your comments and suggestions for updating it.

The full document is on the town website here if you would like to download it.

The introduction emphasizes Middleburg’s history and characteristics that make it a unique place. Here is a list of the seven goal-priorities identified in 2008 to pursue our vision of Middleburg through 2025.

Preservation of our Rich Historic Character

Middleburg’s heritage includes events predating the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. We are a national leader in the preservation of rural land and historic character. Architectural integrity helps us maintain the original historic Town design. Middleburg is a Preserve America Community.

Economic Strength

Middleburg leverages our reputation as the nation’s foxhunting capital and a leader in equestrian sports to center our identity and to preserve a strong and balanced economic regional presence. Our historic retail district offers a mix of independently owned shops, personal services, restaurants, and lodging that provide basic services as well as experiences that are unmistakably Middleburg. Community events such as Christmas in Middleburg highlight our community. Area residents and Town citizens work and shop here, creating a sustainable economy. Our economic development plan and regional cooperation afford us a revenue stream that minimizes the tax burden on businesses and residents, allowing both to flourish.


Middleburg’s safe walkable environment with traditional neighborhoods connected to open spaces and shopping make it a great place to live in a range of architectural styles with affordable choices. A defined edge between town and country provides Middleburg with a sense of place that ties us to both our small town image and agricultural heritage.

Community Stewardship

Middleburg’s citizens, business owners, community leaders, and area residents contribute their time, talent and resources to form the bedrock of our community. The Community Center, local charities, churches, community service organizations and individuals provide vital services and activities to our residents. We are proud that our citizens and area residents, from Council Members to schoolchildren, enrich our community through volunteering.

Communication and Citizen Input

Significant citizen input is the result of the commitment by Town leaders to seek interaction with citizens. Council and Town employees recognize the important role of all members of our community and welcome an honest discussion of issues and ideas. Middleburg fosters an atmosphere of open, transparent and courteous communication among Council, staff members, volunteers and the public.

Green Environment

Middleburg is a leader among small towns in the green conservation movement. Our active commitment to “buy local, buy fresh” sustains our economy, agriculture and food supply.

Future Sustainability and Infrastructure Planning

Middleburg’s effective capital planning ensures that the Town has state of the art public utilities, public buildings that reflect the character of the Town, and cost-effective services. Middleburg residents and businesses enjoy high water quality and benefit from well-established water conservation policies. Traffic control and pedestrian safety allow easy, safe movement through Town. Well-designed walkways with directed lighting allow Middleburg residents to enjoy a vivid night sky.

What do you think? Please send questions, suggestions, comments or complaints regarding any topic to with Ask: in the subject. And please, tell me what you want to see in an upcoming column!

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