The local Social Media has been it’s usual goofy self with individuals claiming knowledge of the situation;  “I been told it’s an Indian” restaurant coming” or “Is it true a new Italian diner is going in there? “  And my favorite stated with a level of authority that coveys he must know what he’s talking about “ I know the building is being knocked down for a new office building to be put up.” …. (Where do they get this stuff.”? )

All wrong…

The facts are James & Piya Cammeron are bringing a new restaurant into Middleburg, and it will be a welcome respite for all.  Both are new to the area, but not new to gastronomy.  As owners of Thaiverse Restaurant in Lovettsville, they were thrilled to find a Middleburg Location available for them when they decided to branch out with the popular Thaiverse restaurant.

As James enthusiastically states, after his company put him up at a B&B in town a few years ago, it quickly became the place they most wanted to set up a restaurant.

It does happen to many; Spend some time here. Fall in love with the town.

That “love” will covey in genuine and traditional Thai cuisine with the Cammerons as our hosts.

“It’s our desire to continue to deliver the highest standard of authentic Thai cuisine, and to keep our new local customers happy so that they want to keep coming back while drawing people from far and wide,”  James told me over the phone.

Their establishment comes with accolades too. Thaiverse has already won multiple awards, the latest being #1 Asian restaurant in the DC region by open table’s diners’ choice (November 2016). While they wait for the new equipment to arrive (commercial woks have a pretty substantial lead time) the plan is for an opening in late April at the corner of S. Madison and Federal streets.

Piya Cammeron has been formally cooking in multiple cuisines for a long time. Born & raised in southern Thailand, Piya traveled throughout in the country learning regional specialties as she went, then taking her skills to England, where she extended her repertoire to include the best of European cooking.  Here she met her husband (James), before they both moved to the USA in 2008, for what was supposed be just be a couple of years.

While the menu is being developed and tuned for it’s new location, James and Piya make it clear that there will be a lot of community involvement.  Their business model is focused on the hiring of local individuals for the front as well as the back of the house.  “About the only thing that for sure now is there will be great Thai food available to Middleburgers, and there will be take out service.”

Doesn’t sound like a new Italian diner to me.

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