Last year,  the Middleburg Town Council unanimously adopted a “Healthy Eating/ Active Living” (HEAL) Resolution in support of a growing national campaign to “improve the physical environment and give residents more opportunities to be physically active and eat healthful foods.”

As part of the Town of Middleburg’s HEAL program, a 5K Run and Healthy Eating Active Living Expo is scheduled for April 1 at the Middleburg Community Center

As the folks at have noted,  “As a community, we are very lucky to have a rich trove of local farmers, gardeners, nutritionists, fitness and wellness experts. We are also blessed to have such a beautiful Town surrounded by the magnificent countryside of the Virginia Piedmont, which encourages us to eat more healthfully and live more actively.”

We encourage everyone to visit the Expo, designed to appeal to folks of all ages and all levels of physical fitness.

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