After a full month and, to the apparent astonishment of liberals, President Trump has not started a nuclear war.  What has happened, however, is that liberals have become unhinged.  In Leftworld, a 90-day ban on travel from seven countries in chaos because of terrorism becomes a “Muslim ban” and, of course, the predictably goofy 9th Circuit Court goes along.

They also have latched onto the travel ban’s admittedly clumsy roll-out in a way not at all reminiscent of how they defended Obamacare’s disastrous roll-out way back when.  But then no one ever accused Democrats of having a sense of irony.

Lefties in general, including that unutterably silly woman at the inauguration whose screaming fit went viral, have adopted a new watchword:  RESIST!  But they sound more like whiny football fans complaining about how a bad call cost them the game – even though the replay shows the call was good.

Progressives have thoroughly internalized their sense of political entitlement.  Their minds reel at the unfairness of their Golden Girl losing the election and they hate Donald Trump for winning.  The result is a dangerous and growing lynch mob mentality.  Multiple anonymously-sourced stories every day toss some new anti-Trump accusation into the mix as the left-wing media behave like a slobbering pack of wild dogs, thus demonstrating why the Latin word “sinistra” means both “sinister” and “left.”    

That hysterical (highly appropriate word) Left-wing Women’s March was emblematic.  The gals bared their breasts like so many Mariannes storming the barricade then made a caricature of the whole thing by dressing up as vaginas to showcase their demand that women not be objectified because of their sex.   Um, yeah.

One group of topless young women marchers was accompanied by a young man who spent the whole time obviously ogling them and getting away with it by claiming to be gay.  They should all, as New Hampshire Democratic chairman Raymond Buckley recently said, “grow up.”  Liberal columnist Tim Krieder declared that voting for Trump was “kind of like a murder.”  Sadly, even growing up wouldn’t cure that degree of derangement.

And speaking of derangement, lefty journalists suddenly have discovered that presidential executive orders are bad but senate filibusters are good.  They loathe Steve Bannon because he called them “the opposition party” which, clearly, they are.  And we’re back to something we haven’t heard since the Bush administration: “dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”  Remember that, Mrs. Pelosi?  During the Obama years, dissent became racism but now it’s all good again.

It’s curious that liberals call conservatives “fascists” while their Soros-funded brownshirts are out in the streets shouting down conservative speakers, rioting against anyone who disagrees with them, and looting a few stores while they’re at it.  Comment on their violent propensities and they immediately set out to prove you right.  Come to think of it, having that in common may explain why liberals and sharia apologists have become allies lately.        

Their main grievance, other than Trump’s very existence, is that he has been doing what he was elected to do.   As regular readers know, Red very reluctantly supported Trump as a lesser evil.  Since then, your humble correspondent has become much more supportive of him because he handled the transition so well, because most of his appointees were good (how cool is it to have a SecDef nicknamed “Mad Dog?”), and yes, because of the contemptible liberal frothing at the mouth that demonstrates just how far out into left field American progressivism has gone.

In only a month, Trump has, among other things, begun dismantling Obamacare, started defunding the nullifiers in “sanctuary cities,” begun the wall-building process, frozen federal hiring and new regulations, increased the restrictions on lobbying by former government officials, and reauthorized the Keystone Pipeline.

Significantly, despite the vicious attacks and even this manufactured flap over General Flynn, Trump’s approval rating is holding around 50%.  Perhaps it really is morning in America again.

NOTE: Link to the opposing view (BLUE)

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  1. Just because it’s said/written doesn’t make it so. Never saw one person dressed as a vag nor any bare breasts at march. And 50% approval? Get some facts. 40% on a good day without a petulant tweet or idiotic statement. Its good to know where some ppl are coming from though so thanks for being honest about your shortcomings.

  2. What adult writer calls a liberal a “lefty”? Does that make you a “righty”? Seriously. And made up allegations against Flynn, who just registered as a lobbyist because he forgot to mention that while advising Trump, he was also pitching ( for hundreds of thousands of dollars) for Turkey? And Trumps tweets…..all very serious for a week or 2 (inaugural numbers, 3 million fraudulent voters, etc) which cease to be important after they’ve done the job of deflecting news cycles from real issues… 45 can’t even get it right (Bush released most of the Gitmo resurgents…not Obama). It’s a crazy and very expensive circus that will cost both sides. in the end.
    As for you, does Mommy still tuck you into bed every night? You sound like an over cosseted individual to me. Step out into the light, for your own sake.

  3. With all the great minds, ideas, opinions and talent for writing and convaying original and productive ideas that the population of the Middleburg area has…it’s very dissapointing that the Middleburg Eccentric gives any space at all to writing that is this sloppy. I enjoy a good laugh but I don’t think this even qualifies as political cartoon. It’s just purposely dismissive and insulting to anything not 100% Trumpish. No matter what one’s political hopes and views too many people are in real pain these days because of a careless new police state, racism, sexism and shifting laws on health care and environmental protections. As well as new laws that restrict even protesting. The Eccentric should be more selective and choose writers that actually have something to say and talent and thoughtfulness to honor both Republican, Demacratic and Independent viewpoints. And more importantly writers who leave us all with real food for thought. I am actally shocked they would publish something this mean spirited and shabby.

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