Andy Bergner, a beloved member of the Middleburg community for several decades, served the village in many ways, among them as President of the Lions Club, Vice President of Seven Loaves, and Town Crier for the annual Christmas Parade.  

The last years of his life, as is the case for many, required special care and the loving attention of special caregivers.

They also highlighted the realities and all-too-often unfilled or unfillable needs of both those living through the experience,  giving and receiving care.

In the spirit of Andy and those who loved and cared for him,   Emmanuel Episcopal Church announces the establishment of The Andy Bergner Center, where:

Respite can be provided to each “Andy” in our community to break-up the monotony of their days with entertainment and information that will make their life safer, better, and more satisfying. 

Respite can be provided for caregivers who need a place where their Andy can go for a day while they attend to necessary tasks or just some well-earned “me” time. 

Respite for retirees in retirement homes or any adult confined too often at homes for relief from boredom and loneliness.  Some may find satisfaction in volunteering at ABC or in enjoying the variety of activities provided.

Respite for newcomers who may not have a means of introducing themselves into the community.

Whatever their needs, the ABC looks to provide a day of respite, community, interesting activities, and information for the members of our community concentrating on Adults 45+.  

This programming will be provided at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church Parish House at 105 E. Washington Street, Middleburg.

ABC will open for its first pilot day of programming on Friday, April 28th.  

The day will begin at 10:00 am and will remain open until 4:00 pm.  Volunteers will be with Center guests throughout the day to ensure their enjoyment, comfort, and safety.

During the pilot phase of the project, ABC will be open on the 4th Friday of each month from April through August.  These day-long sessions will be FREE OF CHARGE and will test the viability of this expressed need in our community.  The attendance and response to these Free days of Respite will determine the future direction of the Andy Bergner Center in Middleburg.

For more information or register as a guest for the first day at ABC on April 28th, you may contact Kay Redditt through Emmanuel Church at 540-687-6297.

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