All eyes are on Hollywood’s Red Carpet Season. The most popular question asked is who is wearing what? In Middleburg, I see a little crimson runway wherever I go. Whether taking a stroll to my favorite shops or gathering for one of this season’s fashion filled events, fashionistas are mirroring Hollywood and all it’s glamor. What’s better than swishing local Blanc de Blancs and a bit of red carpet styling at our own Oscar viewing party. Next time, I’m casting my vote for the Oscar presented to the home team for best wine, equestrian style and fun.

Let’s take our first clue from the Golden Globes. Fifty Shades of yellow may be this seasons coming color of elegance. Maybe the big surprise of Hollywood story telling is revealed in shows like The Emerald City and Once Upon A Time. They shower us with a historical and a whimsical look at fashion and raptness given by a personal sense of style. The new hit sensation, Timeless opens a mischievous journey of fashion with its time traveled treasure chest of historical apparel. Was that a black leather three piece worn by the Long Ranger?

As the month of February leans into March, what better time to turn your color wheel from red to shamrock green. Warm up this lazy winter by accentuating your wardrobe with array of colors that hint that spring is coming. Not only will it award you with a lift in your step, it surprisingly will brighten the smiles of those you encounter too. While we wait for the weather to clarify its way, I’m wearing a light coat and carrying another each day. You still can’t go wrong with a duster overcoat and the classic pea-coat for those unexpectedly nippy hours. Even though you may pick up a few over garments each season, wise shopping says you will be carrying over classics for years to come. Make your top covering new again with embellishments like over-sized pins. They are showing up new and antique just about everywhere. Try a textured or faux fur vest worn on top to create a distinctive dimension and yes, accentuate your Hidden Figures.

Now that you’ve made your subtle seasonal shift, it is time for the trifecta. Hair, makeup and nail basics continue to be expressive, if only to highlight your natural beauty. Have fun with hair highlighting and coloring to give a balayage or ombre effect. Try splash lights, ombre reds and highlights of gray. Or perhaps freestyle is your thing. Unique and power styles range from baby bangs, shoulder length bobs, and the slick back look. Wearing your hair pulled up, back or in a classic braid is always a go to statement. Finished with your hair styling,  give yourself a glow with natural feeling makeup. Continue to soften the cold weather with blush pink. It is the new nude, its warm and it’s here for a repeat appearance. No look is ever complete without a fabulous lipstick. I must admit that I keep oodles of shades in my collection just to keep things interesting. But for the next “it” for this star studded season, metallics are the winners! Finally, the perfect nail pairing can be found in the black based mattes accentuated in gold and silver, coppers, the new french, cashmere inspired neutrals, jewel adorned looks and the ever classy red hot. With your late winter palette shift and your colors done, place your bet by holding on to your statement red handbag. Reward yourself with matching jewelry you love and a little classy bling!

Many may ask why all the fuss about fashion? What’s our preoccupation with it? It’s one of the oldest forms of self expression and our unique ability to transform ourselves each day. It also gives us the ability to give accent today to memorable times of the past or make a statement for something we hold near and dear. We stylishly wear pink to honor Breast Cancer awareness and boldly wear red for Healthy Hearts. We may even dress in costume to relive the fun and excitement of the 70’s or 80’s and express the wonder of giving at a Windy Hill Foundation Gala. But each day, we make a choice to put our best foot forward with fashion and style to honor who we are. Middleburg, This is Us and there’s no place like home. I’ll be watching you on the Red Carpets around town.

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