Tale of Two Navies is local author Commander Tony Well’s highly detailed yet readable analysis of the “special relationship” between the Royal Navy and the  United States Navy from the tumultuous 1960’s to the present.

According to British Vice Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham, Knight Commander of the Bath and editor of the UK’s Naval Review “Few people are as uniquely well equipped as Anthony Wells to write an account of the close and special relationship, forged in the crucible of conflict and the Cold War, between the two most capable and effective navies in the world. His penetrating and informed analysis offers us all hope for the continuance of an alliance which makes the world a safer place.”

Wells, one of the rare individuals who has served in the navies and intelligence communities of both the UK and USA “examines the histories, strategies, operations, technology, and intelligence activities of both navies.”

Because of Wells’ “unique knowledge and insights into the workings of U.S. and British intelligence,” the work is both significant, insightful, and important in light of  both the ongoing importance of control of the high seas, the uncertainties inherent in the change of administration, and, in the words of the Naval Institute Press,  the “emerging and increasing threats from China, Russia, and radical Islamist terror organizations.”

Tony is currently a visiting senior research fellow at the Center for Intelligence and Cyber Security, King’s College, London.

The book is available from Second Chapter Books in Middleburg  and online  from amazon.com