Everyday there seems to be a commercial on television touting the miracle weight loss stories and the hope of total fitness by doing some exercise.  In only ninety days, your physique can resemble a Greek god or goddess just by doing these exercises.  A promise of a radically changed body by using a certain piece of equipment for just 14 minutes a day.  The newest advertisement is a piece of plastic you stand on and simply twist, claiming phenomenal results. Is that possible? It seems as if everyday someone is inventing a better or faster way to achieve almost impossible results. Individuals buy into these programs only to be disappointed by the results.  They might blame themselves for not achieving the results touted by these various programs. Exercise alone, will never equate to weight loss and fitness as it only accounts for twenty-five percent. Yes, that is right,  studies have proven over and over again to lose weight and have true fitness a staggering seventy-five percent comes from balanced, clean nutrition.

Seventy-five percent of what we eat determines how fit and healthy we are.  The saying we are what we eat and drink is so true.  Balanced nutrition will give us a strong foundation that will enhance our physical performance.  So what is balanced nutrition?  Without getting to complicated about macronutrients and micronutrients, just remember we need balanced fuel for our bodies to run at optimum performance.  If we don’t eat enough or eat the wrong foods are bodies will hold on to body fat and be a bit sluggish.  If we look at exercise, we need a balance between cardio fitness, strength, and flexibility.  With nutrition, our bodies need a balance of complex carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water, vitamins, and minerals.  No single food group provides all of these, so variety is the key.   Our plates should be filled with a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables as well as lean protein and grains.  Eating lean green and clean will energize your body and give you the fuel necessary to reach your fitness goals. Don’t forget to drink water, often and not just when your thirsty.  Our bodies need water to function properly.  After all, the number one cause of headaches and muscle cramps can be dehydration.

Instead of looking for the next big thing in exercise, take a look at your current food intake.  Ask yourself, how many fruits and vegetables are consumed in a day?  Do you eat lean protein everyday?  What about good complex carbohydrates?  Are you getting enough water?  Finally, there are no magic exercise programs.  There are no magic diets.  Good sound nutrition is the key to optimum health and fitness.  Simple, but true.  For more information about health and fitness, please contact Kay Colgan at 14 S. Madison Street, Middleburg, Virginia or call 540-687-6995.

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