When President Trump issued his first Immigration Executive Order banning travel temporarily from seven countries, Senator Schumer (D) declared “that is not who we are”.


I know who we were. We were a country of laws. Where police were respected and thanked for their service. We were a society where young people respected and learned from their elders.

We were a country where freedom of speech meant letting the other side speak and listening to their views. We were a country of citizens celebrating the flag. Where our schools taught the real history of our country and praying in public was tolerated.

A nation where pride was taken in attending church and working hard to get ahead.

We were a nation where winning was celebrated, teamwork praised and achievement recognized.

Most of all, we were a nation of immigrants who obeyed the laws, learned our language and history, and waited patiently in line for citizenship.

What we have become is a nation that scorns its police and tolerates law breaking. One that allows millions of people to cross our borders without checking on them while we monitor our own citizens’ telephone calls in the name of national security. A nation that does not encourage winning but awards ‘participation’ medals.

We are a nation that provides $50 Billion in annual welfare payments to undocumented immigrants while our Social Security and Medicare are heading for bankruptcy.

We scratch to find enough money in our federal budget to rebuild our military while we spent Billions to support the UN, NATO and provide foreign aid to countries that disagree with our way of life. We are a nation so hamstrung by ‘political correctness’ that frankness has disappeared.

We have become a nation where respect for each other and private property have flown the coop. Where people claiming to be environmentalists throw trash out car windows. Where crowds shout down speakers rather than listen. Where a public official called another “scumbag” for disagreeing. A nation where prayer and Christmas displays are banned in the public square and our once hallowed flag is trampled on or burned.

We have become a nation that is so ‘politically correct’ that we are destroying our own civil war history while we decry the destruction of historic, ancient ruins in other countries.

So, who we are is in the eye of the beholder. What we have become should concern all of us.

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