Magnesium is an often an overlooked mineral that is responsible for over 300 processes in the body.    When we don’t get enough magnesium through diet, we can feel a bit off.  Trouble sleeping is often a culprit of low levels of magnesium.   With proper levels of magnesium in the diet, it can help to have a calming effect on the nervous system.  Also, muscle cramps and soreness have been linked to low levels of magnesium.  If you are stressed out, have your magnesium levels checked, because magnesium is a powerful relaxant mineral.  Brain fog has been shown to be caused by low levels of magnesium.  In fact, when magnesium levels are brought back up to a normal range your attention span improves.  For some low levels of magnesium can cause digestion issues as well as constipation.  When there is a deficiency of magnesium, the bowel is unable to relax which leads to constipation.  There are so many foods that when included in your diet help to raise magnesium levels.

Getting 400 to 500 mg of magnesium daily through diet is optimum.  It is easy to get magnesium through your diet. Foods such as leafy greens, brazil nuts, almonds, avocados, dark chocolate as well as meat and fish are high in magnesium.  Taking an Epsom salt bath before bed will not only help your sore muscles but will deliver a healthy dose of magnesium right through your skin.   It is also a great way to wind down before bedtime.

If you decide to supplement with magnesium, make sure it is bound with glycinate and taurate as this is better absorbed and utilized by the body.  It is best to stay away from magnesium that has been bound with oxides.  Please check with your physician before you start any supplementation program.

Have a smoothie in the morning with magnesium rich kale, almonds, and avocado.  Add some berries, and a banana, a little dark chocolate with coconut water and you are on your way to living a healthy magnesium rich day.

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