It is politics 101 in Washington – LEARN OUTRAGE.

Senator Chuck Schumer and the Democrats seem to have mastered the skill better than most when it comes to President Trump. From tweets about surveillance of Trump Tower to the appointment of a supreme court justice, they are outraged.

But where was this outrage when Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, held a private meeting with Bill Clinton while his wife was under investigation by the Justice Department? Or, when Hillary Clinton lied under oath to a Congressional Committee? Or, when President Obama whispered to a Russian official, “Tell Vladimir after the 2012 elections I will have a lot more “flexibility”?

Just like 2016 however, the Democrats and their allies in the liberal media, are overplaying their hand. Remember Hillary’s “ Basket of  Deplorables”?  The general public is starting to get fed up with the Resistance Movement and the constant effort to undermine the Trump presidency. This is particularly true of the constant drumbeat about Trump’s links to Russia.

After 12 months of the liberals and their friends in the media using the network news to attack Trump’s connection with Russia, here is what we know:

There are three independent entities conducting investigations – the FBI, the House Intelligence Committee, and the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The heads of several Obama Intelligence Agencies have said publicly that there is no prove of collusion with the Russians by the Trump campaign.

The Russians did hack the DNC and the Clinton campaign to create chaos during the election.

The only crime that was committed was the leaking to the press of General Michael Flynn’s name by someone in the Obama administration.

Trump defied Russia and bombed a Syrian airbase after Syria used chemical weapons.

What is starting to irritate the public is that, although there is nothing new to add, we have to hear about the “Russia Story” every morning and every night on the network news.

Then, when it became known that Susan Rice, while working in the White House, requested secret transcripts of telephone conversations monitored by the NSA, to unmask the names of those talking, this revelation received only minor news coverage. The real OUTRAGE is that a political operative, in the White House, can ask to see top secret transcripts of phone calls monitored for National Security purposes.

Then there is what I consider the OUTRAGE of the year. A cable TV commentator on MSNBC implied, on camera, that Putin had orchestrated the use of poison gas in Syria so that President Trump could look good striking back at Syria.

IT IS NO WONDER that an outsider was elected President last year. If the liberals and their cohorts in the media keep it up, they will ensure an 8-year Trump presidency.

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