Open to both descendants and the general public this year’s annual reunion of the descendants of Confederate Colonel John Singleton Mosby and those of men who served under his command will be held at Middleburg Academy on June 10-11, 2017, sponsored by the Mosby Heritage Area Association

The event features speakers, special programs, a lunch and the showing of several episodes of the 1957 television show Gray Ghost, accompanied by commentary by several historians of Mosby, his men, and their times.

Events begin with a reception at the Caleb Rector House, MHAA headquarters and birthplace of the 43rd Battalion of Virginia Cavalry on June 10, 1863, followed by an evening program at Mount Zion Church, 40309 John Mosby Highway, Aldie, VA, a site very familiar to Mosby and his men.

Sunday’s program kicks off at 10:00 a.m. at the Caleb Rector House, 1461 Atoka Road, Marshall, VA 20115.  It will feature a car caravan tour of several Mosby sites not usually open to the public, including Mosby safe houses Highfield and Belle Grove, followed by a tour of Mount Bleak at Sky Meadows State Park.  The tour will conclude by lunchtime.

Attending the Reunion itself on Saturday and the reception at the Caleb Rector House costs $50 per person; $15 will be charged for the Mt. Zion Church evening and the caravan tour’s cost on Sunday is $10 per person.  For those attending the reunion, the Mt. Zion Church and caravan tour are optional.

Call (540) 687-6681 for more information or to register.  Or see the MHAA website at: 

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