Middleburg’s recent “Foxes on the Fence” promotion brought together artists and business, teachers and children, families and friends, to produce creative variations of Middleburg’s signature small animal for posting on Middleburg’s many fences.

“Not only was it successful it was a smash hit,” says Darcy Justen President, of Middleburg Garden Club.

There were over 492 bids entered for the dashing foxes; bidding was fierce and very competitive.

“Every Fox sold, and we raised over $20,000.00,” Justen continued.  “The money is just a bonus. The real winner is the town and all the residents who fell in love with their favorite Fox and shared part of this special place with so many people.”

We plan to make donations to the Middleburg Arts Council, Seven Loaves and work with the town on a legacy project,” she continued.  “Yes, it was fun, and a lot of work but the reward was well worth it! Right now, we plan to do it every other year so look for us fall of 2019.” So be on the lookout they will be back!