At its regular monthly meeting on July 13, 2017, Middleburg’s Town Council unanimously approved a resolution of appreciation honoring Police Lieutenant Charles M. (“Mike”) Prince, who announced his retirement after nearly a decade of honorable service to the Town, its citizens, and friends.

Prince joined the Middleburg Police Force on December 6, 2007.  As the senior officer on the force, he served as Acting Police Chief in 2011.

Later in 2011, Middleburg’s then new Police Chief A.J. Panebianco,  immediately recognized Prince’s professional skills and his outstanding ability to relate to the people of the community he served.  On March 23, 2012, he promoted Prince to the rank of Senior Police Officer, and a year later, on June 12, 2013, made him the first Police Lieutenant in the history of the Middleburg Force.

Prince served as the Town’s first formally appointed Police Investigator, and in that role was credited with solving the first recorded multi-state crime spree in Middleburg’s history, and serving as the catalyst for bringing to an end a rash of silver thefts in the area.

The Lieutenant also served as Training Coordinator for the Middleburg force, during a critical transition to a new style of “Community Policing” under Chief Panebianco.

Among many other accomplishments in his long career, Council singled out Prince’s role as part of a three-man team that worked around the clock to keep the Town open and running during the blizzard of 2016; his roles in helping to organize the Town’ first National Night Out event, and every such event since, including the 2015 celebration, recognized as the Top Event in the Nation for its population category;  and his tireless work as Christmas in Middleburg grew to its current nationally recognized key event status.

As a symbol of its respect, the Town presented Prince with a mantel clock bearing the Town Seal and a copy of its formal resolution.  A member US Congressional Representative Barbara Comstock’s 10th District staff was also present to present a flag that had flown over the US Capitol.

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