At the regular August meeting of the Middleburg Town Council on August 10, 2017, Police Chief Panebianco conducted Oath of Honor ceremonies for the town’s newest Police Officer, Jason Davis.

Davis, of course, had already been officially sworn in by Clerk of the Loudoun County Circuit Court.

In Middleburg, however, a special oath, introduced here by Police Chief Panebianco at the very beginning of his administration of the department.

The Oath of Honor, taken by a new Middleburg Policeman in front of Town Council, the officer’s family and the citizens he will protect and serve, is designed to hold him to a higher standard.

Chief Panebianco noted that Officer Davis had taken this oath once before, when he became a part-time officer in Middleburg but was reaffirming it as the Town’s newest full-time police officer.

A significant part of the ceremony is marked by the officer’s family members pinning his badge on his Middleburg uniform.

At the conclusion of the ceremony on August 10, Officer Davis thanked the Council for trusting him to serve, noting that he had worked as a part-time officer, as well as at Middleburg’s Safeway.  Davis said he “loved this area” and thanked the Town for letting him “come home.”

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