Vice Mayor Darlene Kirk asked Council “why Town Clerk [Rhonda North] appeared to be  “waiting for the Leesburg Police Department to run license plates for the past due parking tickets” in Middleburg. 

Town Clerk North explained that she was simply following official procedure and that “this was the system that was in place.”

North prepares a list of license plate numbers linked to outstanding fines, forwards them to the Leesburg Police Department, which then “runs the plates” to identify the owners of the offending vehicles.

“This time,” she noted, it was, for some inexplicable reason, taking longer than normal to get the report back.”

North also reminded Council that they had approved an August 31st deadline for granting amnesty for those owing late fees and because of the processing delay she might not be able “to get notification letters out before that deadline passed.”

She asked for and was granted an extension of the deadline in such cases.

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