Stephen Plescow appeared before Council to thank the Town for their ongoing support Seven Loaves and its efforts to provide food for those in need.

Though the organization had “another good year,” Plescow told Council that the organization had “experienced a dip in patronage after the election, although the numbers were coming back.”

Their Board of Directors, he noted, “was actively trying to increase the organization’s penetration and the number of patrons. 

Although Seven Loaves is currently open three days a week from 10:00a.m.-12:00 noon, Plescow reported that his Board believed “they were missing a segment of patrons who need them but who could not come in during the day.”

Would it make sense, they wondered, “to be open on a weekday evening and a Saturday” and if so would Town Council approve and work with them on parking.

Councilmember Mark Snyder said that, in his view, “there would not be a lot of conflict with the business community if they were talking about a weekday evening or early morning on a Saturday or Sunday.”

Mayor Betsy Davis, however, noted “there could be a conflict caused by Saturday weddings since Seven Loaves used a church parking lot. 

Town Administrator Martha Semmes noted “that this should not be offered on an occasional Saturday” and suggested, “it simply needed to be well structured.”