On Monday, August 21, the moon blocked nearly 80% of the light of the sun here in Middleburg.

The great eclipse of 2017 was not only a rare event, but it was also dangerous.

A celebration of the science and spectacle of the event was matched only by oft-repeated, pointed, and significant warnings about the dangers of looking directly at the sun, even if only for a few seconds.

NASA-approved special glasses for viewing the event had been snapped up long ago.

Watching events on TV or projected onto a sheet of paper in home-made pin-hole viewers seemed, for most, the only alternative.

Enter Middleburg Charter School and the Middleburg Police Department.

The School had a stockpile of approved eclipse-watcher glasses.

It gave them to the Middleburg Police Department.

And here in Middleburg on the day of the eclipse, Middleburg Police Officers were seen handing out those glasses to citizens and visitors on the streets of the Town.

Beau geste.

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