The difference in the way the Department of Justice has handled the investigations into Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is an instructive lesson on how justice can be pursued unequally even for the rich and famous.

In the case of Clinton, she admitted to having her own internet server in the basement of her New York home. This was a violation of State Department regulation.  The fact that she had top-secret information on that server was a violation of U. S. law. She destroyed over 30 thousand emails, another violation of State Department regulations and U. S. law.

Hillary lied to a congressional committee while under oath. The Clinton Foundation took in hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign entities while she was Secretary of State. This included a multi million dollar contribution from a Russian company that ended up with the rights to U. S. uranium.

So, how did the Department of Justice handle this investigation? Attorney General Loretta Lynch met privately with former President, Bill Clinton. She then instructed FBI Director Comey to stop calling the FBI probe an “investigation” and instead to refer to it as a ”matter.” This was the same way the Clinton campaign was describing it.  But it gets worse.

The Justice Department refused to impanel a Grand Jury. Therefore, the FBI could not subpoena witnesses, issue search warrants or indict anyone.  When the FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton, she was not even under oath.

Trump, on the other hand, is facing the full Monte.  Despite an Obama administration 2014 report that the Russians would try to influence the 2016 election, Obama did nothing to prevent it. Trump made the mistake of joking during the campaign that if the Russians had Hillary’s missing emails, they should publish them.

For that remark, Trump was charged, by the Democrats with “colluding with the Russians.” There has been no proof of collusion. In fact, no one is even sure it would have been illegal.

The Washington establishment did not want Trump to be President. So, without proof of a real crime being committed, he is faced with three congressional investigations, a special prosecutor, two Grand Juries and a full-blown FBI investigation.

Trump is not the most likable guy. His “shared blame” comment about the Charlottesville tragedy have poured fuel on the anti-Trump fire. Like him or not, he should be treated fairly and impartially under the law. The politicization of the process does not serve our country well.