One of the ironies of American political history is that here in the States, because of some the earliest colored maps of election returns “red” voters and their supporters are not left-leaning but conservative.

This month the Eccentric, its readers, and staff lose one of its favorites “reds:”  Jim Morgan.

For nearly half a decade, more than a third of the life of this paper, Jim has crossed swords (or pens, or perhaps even better still, keyboards) with our resident liberal, Dan Morrow.

Morgan (a highly respected historian, preservationist, indefatigable volunteer, State Department veteran, and Marine to the core) never pulled a punch.

He and Morrow exchanged well over 7,000 emails during Morgan’s tenure as “red.”

They apparently never agreed about anything, argued about everything, and yet, somehow, seemed ever the best of friends.

Asked why, Morrow observed that while he and Morgan nearly always disagreed about ends and means, they never differed about things that counted:  doing one’s best, to tell the truth as one saw it; as clearly and honestly as one could write it; with genuine respect and affection for each other.

We here at the Eccentric will truly miss Jim Morgan.  He made us a better paper and, miraculously, helped keep Morrow in line.

We hope you will join us in wishing him and his family the very best as he moves farther south to live among, as one sad liberal was heard to remark, among those wonderful people who brought us the Civil War.

Bon voyage, Jim . . . And thanks.