“We tried the town of Middleburg, but they said they had already reached Realtor capacity,” Malone said with a laugh.

2017 marks Chris Malone’s 30th year selling real estate. After owning Middleburg Real Estate from 1995 to 2010, Malone founded The Plains Real Estate Company. Malone’s firm is newly located on Main Street in The Plains beside The Rail Stop Restaurant. “I’m super excited to be ramping up again. Tom and Linda Neel had a wonderful shop and gallery here for a long time, and I always coveted the space. When it came available, and Jen signed on, I jumped on it. And I have great neighbors in The Rail Stop and Bittersweet Garden. ”

“Up ’til now, it’s just been me in my little building here in town, taking care of existing clients. The town is home, I’m on the town council, and I feel The Plains is the ideal location to service the greater Middleburg market. But I wouldn’t have made the move to the new space without Jen coming on board. Someone has to do the real work.” Malone said, smiling.

Jen Kitner has, what seems like, a lifetime in hospitality and marketing. The majority of her career was spent at Marriott Ranch where her event management and sale efforts increased sales, over the course of 10 years, by 1,000%. More recently she held the position of Director of Sales & Events and Goodstone Inn in her time where she increased event revenue by over 100%. Jen attributes her success to the simple art of listening. “You have to understand, and completely embrace, what is important to the client in order to help them meet their goals,” Jen says. “In my personal experience, there is nothing more frustrating than speaking to a salesperson who only sees dollar signs.”

Jen has been house hunting since she was a young girl, exploring possible rehab properties with her father. “I love the hunt.” Jen says with enthusiasm, “This is my dream job, being able to help people find or sell a property in the prettiest areas of Virginia.

The Plains Real Estate Company offers general real estate brokerage services along with property management.

“It’s about matchmaking, giving solid advice and prompt service.”, Malone says. “In order to pay close attention to our clients’ needs, we’re going to keep it small, not taking on too much at one time. Our focus will continue to be farms, land and residential. We’d ideally like to add only 2 to 3 agents. Even at Middleburg Real Estate I never wanted a big firm. We had a close knit group of agents there who took care of one another. I’d like to recreate that here.”

In an industry that has become widely accessible to everyone online, it is crucial that a brokerage has something else to bring to the table. Jen says, “I am thrilled with the technology we have to offer our clients. It opens doors for buyers and sellers alike.” Jens background in marketing made her a great match for Chris’s years of expertise. “Together we are a powerful team, and we have the same desire to remain “localists,” Jen says. Chris agrees. “A good broker adds value to the transaction beyond placing ads and posting on the web. That’s where years of contract experience, living through up and down markets and knowing the properties and players comes in. Conservation buying and tax credits add a whole other dimension. So every deal reinvents the wheel. It’s more than just data.”

Chris and Jen are excited about their new space on Main Street in The Plains. The “shop” is full of open space and light and is welcoming and practical. Jen says, “We have some interesting ideas that we are developing to incorporate the local farm and artisan communities into our space. A way to create more exposure for all of the talent in our area…..stay tuned.”

The Plains Real Estate Company is located at 6474 Main St., The Plains, VA



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