In September, after eleven years of faithful and outstanding service to the Town of Middleburg Cindy Pearson, our first Economic Development Coordinator, retires.

She will be more than missed.

The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles (“Jeep”) Craun,  he still remembered as one of Middleburg’s finest Police Chiefs, Cindy has known the Town, its citizens, its businesses, fans, and supporters, quite literally,  from birth.

After Middleburg Elementary and Loudoun County High she went to work for a Middleburg accounting firm, Yount, Hyde &Barbour.

Then,  for 17 years she worked with and for the students, parents, faculty, and friends of another Middleburg institution, The Hill School.

She has been, and no doubt will be a friendly, hard-working, and effective “presence” here

In retirement leaves behind nothing but good will and a legacy of firsts and positive change.

For any of us visiting the Town Offices, whether, for the first or four-thousandth time, she was the face of the Town, much to all our benefit.

May her retirement see her well, happy, safe and living life easy.

She deserves it.

Thanks, Cindy, from all of us.

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