It is easy to be cynical about politicians these days – lots of promises without performance. In this political morass of self-serving politicians, Senator Jill Vogel is a breath of fresh air.

I have known Jill for ten years. I have watched her working tirelessly for her constituents while lovingly caring for her children and family.

Jill has boundless energy, is smart and responsive. She tells the truth, not what you might want to hear. She admits a mistake and is one of the most pleasant public officials I have ever met.

If elected, Jill would be this State’s first woman Lt. Governor and the first elected from Fauquier County.

Jill has the experience needed for the job. She has been the managing partner of a law firm specializing in ethics and non-profit organizations. She was Deputy General Counsel of the U.S. Department of Energy where she dealt with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). She has served ten years in the Virginia State Senate.

Jill has been an advocate for tax reform in Virginia, something that has not been addressed since 1972. She has advanced legislation to reduce the business tax and has called for cutting unnecessary government regulations that stifle business growth. And, she has called for ethics reform.

Jill is concerned about the increase in opioid abuse. She has introduced legislation to get people into treatment and out of jail.

She has called for expanded use of Telemedicine in Virginia encouraging more people to enter the Health-Science Field.

Jill also believes that there are some things that transcend politics, and history is one of them.  She believes that we should teach history and not erase it!  

She has fought for years for money for historic preservation, fought to protect our battlefields, cemeteries, and monuments, and she will not support spending tens of millions of Virginian’s tax dollars on reversing that.  She is proud of the work that they did in our region, in partnership with Congressman Wolf, to create the “journey through hallowed ground.”  

A public servant like Senator Jill Vogel doesn’t come along very often. Let’s not miss this opportunity to elect her to our State’s second highest office.