Life these days seems to be busier than ever with loose ends dangling for many. JoAnn Hazard, a Middleburg business professional with more than 30 years of management experience heard too many friends talking about it and Loose Ends was born.

Through the years Hazard worked in administrative management, personalized services as well as acting as Innkeeper of the beloved Middleburg Country Inn. Her diligent and thorough organizing skills attracted clients and friends seeking out her recommendations for events, personal items, travel planning or household management recommendations.

“Once we retired as Innkeepers, I missed the day to day interaction with the public and noticed that there is a need for extra help,” said Hazard. “I wish that I had had this service as we were raising our family and building a business. Sometimes you just need a discrete organizer to come in and be an extension of the family team to get stuff done, and tie up the Loose Ends.”

All services are billed at an hourly rate based on service with a two-hour minimum. Services include but are not limited to, travel planning, appointment scheduling, event planning, bill paying, basic bookkeeping, household management, organizing, packing, gift buying and more.

To reach JoAnn Hazard visit or call (540) 687-5978. Life does not have to be hard when you have someone on your team to tie up the Loose Ends.

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