Long ago, between Alexandria and Winchester, there was established a country town known as Middleburg. It was an island of civility where people looked out for each other.

Many of us are still in the village to remember those simpler times.

Unfortunately, there are also many who have forgotten. Even down the road, farms are replaced by strip malls, and developments are named after the landmarks that they destroy.

But I’m not ready to give up on Middleburg as a simpler place to settle down.

That’s why I’m running for Mayor.

Middleburg is an amazing and hardworking village that’s managed to preserve itself for a long time. I’m on the side of many people who don’t want to see it become overrun with McMansions or turned into a tourist town.

There’s so much good that can be done: reducing our water rates, which are the highest around; keeping taxes low; bringing good local businesses into our empty storefronts; and finding space to celebrate art, music, and equestrian sports all year round.

It’s with vigilance that I approach this mountainous task of preserving and improving what is good to keep Middleburg successful and moving forward.

Vincent J. Bataoel — for Mayor of Middleburg, Virginia


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