The Mosby Heritage Area Association (MHAA) announces the winners of their 2017 Heritage Hero Awards. The Heritage Hero award is given to individuals or groups in the Mosby Heritage Area who have demonstrated stewardship responsibility over many years. By their efforts, they advocate for stewardship and preservation in the Mosby Heritage Area. The 2017 Heritage Hero Awards Winners were awarded on Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 at National Sporting Library and Museum in Middleburg, VA.  Speakers included Jennifer Moore, Executive Director of the Mosby Heritage Area Association and Stephen C. Price, incoming Chairman of the Board of the Mosby Heritage Area Association. Letters of congratulations and appreciate from Congresswoman Barbara Comstock were read by her Director of Community Outreach, Dave Stegmaier.

Jim Morgan and Jim Anderson of the Friends of Balls Bluff, By Douglas Lees
Jim Morgan and Jim Anderson of the Friends of Balls Bluff, By Douglas Lees

The winners of the 2017 Heritage Hero Awards are:

-Fauquier Loudoun Garden Club for their decades of preservation and stewardship of the Goose Creek Bridge. The c. 1802 Goose Creek Bridge was the site of an 1863 cavalry battle during the American Civil War. The Garden Club’s hard work and decades of care were fully realized in 2017 with the handover of the bridge to NOVA Parks to become a recreational park in the future.

-Friends of Balls Bluff Battlefield, a private, nonprofit organization that offers historical interpretation and guided tours of the battlefield. In addition to trail clearing and maintenance the Friends of Balls Bluff host fundraisers, including a barn dance and a formal dinner.The Balls Bluff Battlefield National Historic Landmark saw a huge expansion earlier this year, from 76 acres to 3,300.

Previous winners of the Heritage Hero Award include Sen. John Warner, Karen Hughes White, Janet Whitehouse, Hope Porter, Linda Newton, Robert H. Smith, Su Webb, Lori Kimball, Bob Sinclair, Robert Lee, Walter Nicklin, John and Mary Fishback, Mitch Diamond, David Blake, Scott Kasprowicz, Gayle and Tom DeLashmutt, Paul Ziluca, Mary Thomason-Morris, and Al Van Huyck.