Foxcroft School freshman Shea Hogan, who shared her violin-playing talent with the Foxcroft community at a recital last week, appeared with the Ashburn Youth Symphonic Orchestra  (AYSO) last Saturday (Dec. 16) in its “Joyful, Joyful Celebration” Concert held at Trailside Middle School in Ashburn, VA.

The concert included music by Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Tchaikovsky, and more. Shea played first chair in the string section of the Prelude Symphony, one of several AYSO orchestras. That’s quite an accomplishment for a ninth grader, especially one who just turned 13 last month! Shea, who is from Newington, NH, has been playing the violin for about six years and joined AYSO this fall.

AYSO is an educational and performance program open to young musicians ages 8 through 19 that is run by artistic and musical director and conductor Gabriela Bohnett. Its mission is to combine and strengthen the abilities of orchestra and band students, and to offer them an opportunity to create beautiful music in the challenging new setting of a symphony orchestra. AYSO, which is in its fourth year, currently has three orchestras: Debut Philharmonia, Prelude Symphony, and Intermezzo Symphony.

Students from across Loudoun County, and beyond, audition to participate. They are placed in one of the three orchestras and then attend eight rehearsals over two months to prepare for the concert. Two more concerts are scheduled for this school year, on March 17 and June 16.

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