From the desk of Cindy Craun Pearson, retired:  Since I retired from my position as Economic Development Coordinator with the Town of Middleburg at the end of September 2017, I have felt there is more I can do for the town. Hence, I have decided to run for Town Council.  Working for the town for eleven years has given me insight on all aspects of how the town is managed. I’ve seen it from the inside out, and I’ve had the opportunity to be to part of almost all committees at one time or another. In addition, over the years I represented Middleburg on various boards throughout Loudoun County.  This provides an additional perspective on how our town is viewed by others in Loudoun County, and I was able to learn many important lessons through my participation.

It is important for Middleburg to continue to have a voice throughout the county in decisions being made every day that affect us.  It is equally important for the town to stay strong both financially and in regard to the projects and challenges that lie ahead.

As we all know, the way people shop has changed with more online shopping than ever, therefore it is important to keep our downtown businesses populated in the way that serves not only our residents but our visitors as well. This is a huge challenge and is important in our effort to preserve the best of what Middleburg has to offer while maintaining the unique character of our community.

Although our town is small, there is still so much that goes on in the Town Office on a daily basis, I look forward to being part of Council so I can use my experience as a previous employee and my history as a native of Middleburg to provide support and guidance to Town employees as they work hard to move the many projects underway, to achieve the goals I know they all share and to get these projects completed in a timely manner.

I hope you will vote for me on Tuesday, May 1 to represent you as a Town Council member for the Town of Middleburg.  Thank you!

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