On Friday, February 16, the Justice Department announced that evidence presented by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller’s team had led to the indictment of thirteen Russian citizens.

The grand jury indictment detailed an assortment of criminal charges related to what one pair of reporters described as an “elaborate campaign to denigrate the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, and push voters toward Trump.”

The immediate response to the news from the Twitterer in Chief’s all-night Electric Throne Room was to declare that the indictments completely cleared him and his campaign of all charges of “collaboration.”

“In his fevered dreams perhaps,” was the response from all but His Petulancy’s most ardent sycophants and paid defenders.

This series of indictments did not, in fact, name Trump or any of his toadies directly.

It did, however, point out that several Americans had been “inadvertently” caught up in the Russian conspiracy, and that there were others, known and unknown who had been.

More important, it put the lie to Trump’s ongoing denials of ANY Russian intervention in the election he lost by 3 million or so votes, much less the notion that Russian efforts on his behalf had NO effect on his accidental victory in the Electoral College.

This Russian “campaign” alone reached over 120 million Americans, in key states, using the very same tools and tactics that Trump and his criminal coterie have boasted gave him his “unprecedented” [sic] “landslide [sic] victory:  primarily the use social med to spread falsehoods and, in the Russian cases, more.

Trump, who has long urged us to believe Putin’s denials of ANY Russian intervention, has now gone on to blame what he now has no choice to admit actually happened on (surprise) Democrats, the mainstream media, and at press time, the FBI (!) which was, in his beleaguered eyes, too busy trying to prove Trump campaign collusion and not busy enough trying to, among other things, protect the elections or protect school kids in Florida.

The High School students in Florida and, in late March, High School students and their supporters from all over the US, have and will call “B.S.” on that

Trump’s logic is insane.  He would have us believe that the absence of evidence in ONE set of indictments constitutes evidence of the absence of collusion in indictments to come.

The number of admitted felons from the Trump administration now facing jail time and doing all they can to “co-operate” with the Special Counsel would indicate that there is much much more to come.

And “collaboration” with the Russians is (or at least should be) the least of Trump’s worries.

Who knows what additional evidence will now surface of money laundering, tax evasion, campaign funding violations, and collaboration with what is now clearly and legally defined as a Russian-run, Putin-linked, criminal conspiracy?

Recent revelations about Trump’s “friends” and “legal advisors” paying porn stars and others, directly and indirectly, to keep quiet about Trump’s personal bad behavior has yielded speculation that even some of the most lurid stories in the much-feared “dossier” of reports (first funded by Republican opponents of Trump and then carried on by Democrats) may well be true.

Most of the rest appears to have been demonstrably accurate.

Time will tell.

Or more accurately, Special Counsel Mueller and a growing host of terrified rats leaving the sinking Trump ship will.

Tick.  Tock

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